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Gschwend J, Sherman S, Ridder F, Feng X, Liang H-E, Locksley RM, Becher B, Schneider C:
Alveolar macrophages rely on GM-CSF from alveolar epithelial type 2 cells before and after birth.
J Exp Med. 2021 Oct 4.
Claire E O'Leary  , Xiaogang Feng , Victor S Cortez , Richard M Locksley , Christoph Schneider 
Interrogating the Small Intestine Tuft Cell-ILC2 Circuit Using In Vivo Manipulations
Curr Protoc. 2021 Mar 1
Ricardo-Gonzalez RR, Schneider C, Liao C, Lee J, Liang HE, Locksley RM:
Tissue-specific pathways extrude activated ILC2s to disseminate type 2 immunity.
J Exp Med. 2020 April 6
Schneider C#, Lee J#, Koga S, Ricardo-Gonzales RR, Nussbaum JC, Liang HE, Smith LK, Villeda SA, Locksley RM:
Tissue-resident group 2 innate lymphoid cells differentiate by layered ontogeny and in situ perinatal priming.
Immunity. 2019 May 22
Schneider C, O’Leary CE, von Moltke J, Liang HE, Ang QY, Turnbaugh PJ, Radhakrishnan S, Pellizzon M, Ma A, Locksley RM:
A metabolite-triggered tuft cell-ILC2 circuit drives small intestinal remodeling.
Cell. 2018 July 12.
Schneider C#, Nobs SP#, Heer AK, Hirsch E, Penninger J, Siggs OM, Kopf M:
Coincidental null mutation of Csf2ra in a colony of PI3Kγ-/- mice causes alveolar macrophage deficiency and fatal respiratory viral infection.
Journal of Leukocyte Biology. 2016 July 28.
Schneider C, Nobs SP, Kurrer M, Rehrauer H, Thiele C, Kopf M:
Induction of the nuclear receptor PPAR-γ by the cytokine GM-CSF is critical for the differentiation of fetal monocytes into alveolar macrophages.
Nature Immunology. 2014 September 28.
Schneider C, Nobs SP, Heer A, Kurrer M, Klinke G, van Rooijen N, Vogel J, Kopf M:
Alveolar macrophages are essential for protection from respiratory failure and associated morbidity following influenza virus infection.
PLoS Pathogens. 2014 April 3.


Schneider C
Tuft cell integration of luminal states and interaction modules in tissues.
Pflugers Arch - Eur J Physiol- 2021 Oct 11.

Schneider C#, O’Leary CE#, Locksley RM
Regulation of immune responses by tuft cells.
Nat. Rev. Immunol. 2019 May 21.

O’Leary CE#, Schneider C#, Locksley RM.
Tuft cells—systemically dispersed sensory epithelia integrating immune and neural circuitry.
Annu. Rev. Immunol. 2018 October 31.

Kopf M, Schneider C, Nobs SP.
The development and function of lung-resident macrophages and dendritic cells.
Nature Immunology. 2014 December 18.

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