Institute of Physiology

Physiology is the science of normal body functions, integrating all levels of consideration from genes, molecules and cells to organs, systems and organisms. It lies at the border between biology and medicine. Likewise our Institute belongs to both the Medical and Science Faculties. The research activities at the Institute of Physiology can be found under research groups.

Integrative Human Physiology is a University Research Priority. The administrative offices (ZIHP) are located in our Institute. ZIHP supports integrative physiology research in different faculties and coordinates the PhD Program in Biomedicine.

For medical students, physiological principles are essential for understanding various pathological conditions. Physiology teaching for medical students starts in their first year. The main systems-centred course takes place in their second year.

For Biomedicine and Biology students, the bachelor and master programs in  Biomedicine are coordinated by the Institute of Physiology. Students are trained during the bachelor and master program in basic sciences and obtain a broad knowledge in the functions and diseases of the human body. The Institute of Physiology offers various modules and the possibility to perform the master thesis in the groups of our Institute.

Roland Wenger, Chairman of the Institute of Physiology