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Institute of Physiology

Open Positions

Masters/Bachelors students

Students interested in participating in immunophysiology research should have completed introductory courses in immunology, as well as practical laboratory training in the relevant areas.

PhD Thesis

Doctoral projects in the group address fundamental questions relating to mechanisms of tissue-immune cross-talk and associated roles in mediating tissue homeostasis. A successful applicant will have, or expect to obtain, an MSc or equivalent in immunology, molecular cell biology, physiology, or neurosciences (more diverse applicants will be considered). Good written and oral communication skills in English are essential. Basic knowledge in immunology and experience in working with animal models is beneficial.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

We seek for candidates with a background in immunology, molecular cell biology, physiology or neurosciences, who are interested in applying their skills to study tissue-immune crosstalk. Experience in working with animal models, multi-parameter flow cytometry, microscopy, and organoid biology is beneficial. Postdoctoral applicants are expected to lead their own projects and to apply for third party funding.

Inquiries should be sent to Prof. Christoph Schneider at and should include a CV, contact information of 2-3 references, and a cover letter describing

  •     your main interests and expertise,
  •     how your skills could be applied to our research projects,
  •     plans for applying for postdoctoral fellowships or similar funding,
  •     your long-term career goals.


PhD students will be enrolled in the Life Science Zurich Graduate School.
We take part in the following PhD programs:
Microbiology and Immunology (MIM)
Biomedicine (BioMed)
Molecular Life Science