How to join our group


PhD students

Unless advertised, PhD students will be recruited only through the Life Science Zürich Graduate School. Deadlines are twice a year (June/December).

Please see the LSZGS website for further information:

Life Science Zurich Graduate School


We take part in the following PhD programs:

MD-PhD Program:

Integrative Molecular Medicine:

Molecular Life Science:

Systems Biology:

Cancer Biology:

Biomolecular Structure & Mechanism:

Drug Discovery:

Molecular & Translational Biomedicine:


Postdoctoral fellows
Applications from motivated postdoctoral fellows with a strong background in functional genomics, gene regulation and epigenetics, computational biology, synthetic biology or biochemistry, and willing to apply for competitive grants are strongly encouraged.

Please include a cover letter, a CV and publication list and contact details for three referees.

Master/Bachelor students
We have numerous research possibilities for UZH and ETH students to join our group. Please contact us directly.


Enquiries can be addressed to: and