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Only approximately 1% of the total amount of inorganic phosphate ions in a human body are present in the extracellular fluids. As the phosphate group is essential for various cellular processes (energy metabolism, signaling cascades) and cellular structures (DNA, RNA, phospholipids), the extracellular concentration of phosphate ions needs to be controlled. Homeostasis of the extracellular concentration of phosphate is mainly achieved by a controled intestinal absorption and renal reabsorption of phosphate. In both tissues, transport of phosphate is transcellular and is initiated by sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporters (mostly members of the SLC34 family) that are located at the brush border membranes. The goal of our research activities is to understand Na-Pi-cotransporters in terms of their physiological (by various hormones and metabolic factors) and pathophysiological regulation. In addition, our efforts aim to describe functionally and structurally sodium-dependent transport of phosphate ions.



J. Biber
Isabel Rubio Aliaga
Myakala Komuraiah
Linto Thomas
Ursula Lüthi