Group C. Lundby


The main aim with our research group is to generate knowledge on physiological mechanisms important for maintaining homeostasis during rest and exercise in the intact human being. Specifically we aim at identifying physiological responses to systemic hypoxia in humans, and to unravel the potential mechanism and physiological consequence hereof. Hereby we hope to increase the general physiological understanding of our body. For this purpose we study human volunteers in a variety of settings and also during the administration of various drugs. Measurements include the assessment of blood flow (thermodilution and Doppler), blood volume, arterial-venous differences for gases and substrates across skeletal muscle, adipose and brain tissue, skeletal muscle biopsies for the analysis of for example fiber type distribution, signaling pathways, receptor densities and mitochondrial respiration. Measurements also include assessment of cardiac output using dye techniques, and quantification of tissue oxygenations (NIRS). Since we in some of our studies inject human volunteers with erythropoietin (epo) to study for example the effects of alterations in oxygenation, we also take part in the lively debate on anti-doping and publish scientific papers on this topic.



Carsten Lundby
Carsten Lundby
Stine Meinild Lundby