Group E.G. Berger

from: April 16, 1988 to July 2008
Our group was involved in the areas of glycobiology and glycotechnology, with special emphasis on structure, function and biosynthesis of glycan moieties of glycoproteins. We studied the molecular organization of the Golgi apparatus with respect to glycosylation and targeting of glycosyltransferases. The latest achievement was the identification of a molecular determinant mediating Golgi to TGN transition of two glycosyltransferases. Our group was involved in 2 European consortia (development of receptor blockers, 1996-1999 and congenital disorders of glycosylation, 2000-2003).



Eric G. Berger
Jack Rohrer
Lubor Borsig
Beat C. Schaub
Matthias Oertli
Marianne Farah
Claudia Ruedin
Esther Quinziano