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UZH Irchel Campus, Building Y23

3d Map uni Irchel

Public Transport
You must purchase your ticket at the ticket machine at the station/stop before entering the train/tram (major credit and debit cards accepted)! Without a valid ticket you risk a high surcharge (CHF 90.- or more). A normal one-way ticket is valid 1 hour on all public transport services within the fare zone(s) on the ticket.
Tip: A two-way ticket (= Tageskarte; costs twice the price stated below) is valid for 24 hours!

Timetables at ZVV

Unbenanntes Dokument
Arriving by Station/Stop Take Heading toward Get off at Ticket Duration Comments
Airplane at
Zurich Airport
Zürich Flughafen
(follow tram signs
at Airport Center)
Tram #10 Bahnhofplatz/HB Milchbuck or
Universität Irchel
(CHF 6.60)
20‘ every 8‘ (evenings and
every 15‘)
  Zürich Flughafen SBB
Railway Station (below
Airport Center / Check-in 3)
Train S2 / S16 /
Zürich HB Zürich HB
=Main Railway Station)
(CHF 6.60)
leave every
few minutes!
check on-site timetable

at Zürich HB take tram 7/10/14
(see below)
Train at Zürich
HB (Hauptbahnhof)
Zürich HB Bahnhofplatz
or Bahnhofquai
Tram #14 Zürich Seebach Milchbuck Single ticket/ Einzelbillett
(CHF 4.20)
11’ every 7’ to 10’
  Zürich HB, Bahnhofplatz Tram #10 Zürich Flughafen, Fracht Universität Irchel
or Milchbuck
Single ticket/ Einzelbillett
(CHF 4.20)
15’ every 7’ to 10’ (via ETH & University
Main Buildings
and University Hospital)
  Zürich HB, Bahnhofstrasse Tram #7 Zürich Bahnhof Stettbach Milchbuck Single ticket/ Einzelbillett
(CHF 4.20)
11' every 7’ to 10’
You can reach the campus after a 5’ or a 10’ walk through the park (follow signs at tram stops).

A taxi to Uni Irchel from Zurich Airport costs about CHF 40.- and from Zurich HB about CHF 25.- Take the elevator near the taxi stand at the underground parking to H floor.


By car
Not all route planners find the Irchel campus easily, since there is no direct street access to its official address. Enter as destination Winterthurerstr. 181, 8057 Zürich, which is the address of the underground parking below Irchel campus (exit P Irchel or Universität Irchel). Take the elevator to the surface (F floor), on your right hand is the campus.


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